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you can call me, when ever you want.
i'll be there for you.




16.9.08 15:53

Like u ´n Me

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16.9.08 15:52

I´ll be THERE for you!

If you´ve got SECTRETS you want to tell, we can TALK all Day long.

If your DREAMS get broken somehow, I´ll remind you that you belong.

If you need someplace to HIDE, you can hold my HAND for a while.

If your SKY begins to fall, I´ll STAY with you til you SMILE.

Whenever you need some space, there´s my ROOM, you can take it.

If Someone breaks your HEART, together we´ll unbreak it.

When you feel SAD or EMPTY inside, I´ll show you you´re not alone.

If you get lost out there, I´ll come and take you HOME.

I´ll go with you somewhere else, when you need to get AWAY.

And when you nothing seems to be going right and you NEED a FRIEND... I´ll STAY

because You´re my BEST-FRIEND.

16.9.08 15:52

hihi, ich weiß


16.9.08 15:51

16.9.08 15:51 вєѕтє fяєυηdin..

dєr мαη ιiммєя 100 %νєятяαυєη кαηη,

dιiє ιiммєя füя eiinen dα iist,

dιiє мιiт dιiяαcнt υηd мιiт dιiя ωєιiηt..

dιiє dυяcн dєiiη αυfgєѕєтzтєѕ läcнєlη

нιηdυяcн dєιiηє ѕєєlєѕcняєιiєη ѕiieht..

dιiє αllєѕ тυt dαмιiт dυ glücкlιicн вιiѕт!!

Meiine вєѕтє fяєυηdiinüя dιiє iich αllєѕ тυη ωüяdє,

αυf dιiє iich ιiммєя zäнlєηкαηη.. вєѕтє fяєυηdiin dιiє ιicн üвєralles LIEBE!

mare & ich

16.9.08 15:50

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